WPSApp Pro MOD APK v1.6.60 Free (Full Patched Version)


It seemed that each home had at least one Wi-Fi network in the 4.0 era. There are often, however, many users who, without you noticing, use or even hack your home Wi-Fi. This is a form of breach of the law, but the degree of danger that it presents is zero, so no one is free to solve those cases. Family members are, of course, the most disadvantaged.

Your household Wi-Fi password can be publicly posted online on the app so that more and more strangers can use your home Internet freely.

Therefore, if the devices use the network too much, the transmission speed may be significantly decreased. That is why it gave birth to WPSApp Pro Apk 2022. The saviour for households is the key application. Using this app if you feel like your Internet is a little malfunctioning or at risk of getting an error.

Will the app test your home network, check and evaluate whether or not your Wi-Fi is vulnerable to attack?

WPSApp Pro MOD APK v1.6.57 Free (Full Patched Version)
NameWps Pro Apk
Size2.7 MB
Current versionv1.6.60
Updated2 days ago

What WPSApp Pro Premium APK able to do?

You can easily see the Wi-Fi password displayed neatly on the screen once it has been logged in. Naturally, you can change them completely. To see if your Wi-Fi network is secure, run a network diagnosis, or is it vulnerable to attack?

Consider turning wps download apk on or off to increase the level of protection, use a stronger and more unpredictable password to change the Wi-Fi, such as 244466666 (If you don’t remember, it reads the same as 123456. I’m just kidding, though. Don’t mess like that with each other!)

The types of networks are classified into three main icons. The question mark (?) represents the first symbol. This means that with an unknown Pin, the baixar WPS protocol is enabled. The application will allow tests with common pin codes to be performed at this stage. Users will be able to connect to Wi-Fi if the Pin code is entered correctly.

The Green Tick is the second symbol. Which networks show this icon means that the most vulnerable network is the one, meaning that On the network, WPS is activated and the password is revealed as well.

Disclosed. Or, with WPS enabled, this may also be the case with an unknown password. The red cross, meanwhile, corresponds to the highest security level. This implies that the wpsapp pro apk download is disabled and that the password is unknown.

There is one requirement, however, for you to see the password, which is to act as a root user. The publisher also noted that this program does not have 100%, but only relative, accuracy. So, consumers should consider judgment-making.

New Features of WPSApp Apk Ultima Version

  • Offline pin computing has been introduced.
  • Belkin Algorithm added (Requires root)
  • Fresh pins added
  • A more precise search for hosts
  • Updated Vendor Database
  • Correction of many mistakes
  • Several enhancements
  • Premium Functionality
  • Security Check
  • Network Access

How to WPSApp Pro Download APK MOD?

This is APKrise, so to get any of the modded features from our website, you don’t have to participate for a second. It’s easy to download WPSApp Hack Wi-Fi, see steps below.

  • Click on the Download wps app pro apk button below.
  • You will probably be redirected to the web page for download.
  • Check for Captcha
  • The acquisition will automatically start.

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Download WPS App Pro Patched

WPSApp Baixar is the model app without ads, which uses the WPS protocol to verify the protection of your community. This protocol enables you to connect to a Wi-Fi community using an 8-digit pin quantity usually predefined inside the router, the problem is that the pin of several routers from entirely different companies is considered or the way to measure it is thought of.

Using these pins, this app tries the link and checks whether the group is susceptible. It implements a variety of known pin technology algorithms and a few default pins.

Furthermore, it calculates the default key for certain routers, allows you to display saved Wi-Fi passwords on the computer, scans your community-related units, and analyzes the Wi-Fi channel norm. Click here to download WPS Pro Root APK New Edition wps connect root apk.

Use can be very simple, you can find networks with a crimson cross while scanning networks around us, these are “secure” networks, the WPS protocol has been disabled and the default password is unknown.

Those that appear with a query mark have allowed the WPS protocol, but the pin is unknown, allowing you to search the most typical in this case. Finally, these are most likely susceptible to an inexperienced tick, have the WPS protocol activated, and the link pin is thought of.

It could also be that wps app download apk is disabled on the router. However, the password is thought of; it also seems inexperienced in this case and could be connected to the important thing. You can also Download Shadow of Death Mod Apk


The primary use when you use baixar WPSApp Pro can be plant that it takes advantage of the WPS protocol of any wifi and can conduct checking information related to it. Anyone will need to connect to wifi is a leg law explicitly handed for the modems.

So, once you know this leg and your modem’s wpsapp pro 1.5 10 apk is turned on, you can make a connection, and from there, you’ll start to consider the security of your wifi.


The critical condition for you to make the connection using WPSApp Pro is whether the wifi has WPS enabled or not. However, enter the handed leg and start making the connection, If you have made sure the WPS protocol is enabled.

After many seconds, you’ll be suitable to connect to that wifi and know some wifi-related information like the number of bias connecting it. However, also you should consider changing your word and disabling WPS If that exceeds the number of bias in use.

WPSApp Pro MOD APK whatsgrip


When you perform a checkup for wifi before making a connection, you’ll see a wifi list appear in your area. Next to the wifi, there will be icons indicating their security position. The red cross icon indicates that the wifi is well defended when its WPS has been turned off, and of course, the person connecting doesn’t know the leg law.

The question mark icon indicates that WPS is actuated and only needs to know the leg law to link, and the green crack icon indicates a weak position of security. You can also download mlive unlock room 2021


Once you have successfully entered the leg into WPSApp Pro, you’ll see two options connect (no root) and connect. The difference between these two factors is that when you have embedded the device, the word will be displayed before you.

At the same time, some fresh features also appear, and if you’re someone who just stops at connecting and testing wifi but isn’t an educated person, you shouldn’t try lodging. Lodging a device is entirely skill-ferocious because it takes a risk on the device if the process fails.


When you use WPSApp Pro in different performances, it also has specific changes and forces you to make. You need to grant position access when using Android 6 for the app or can not connect using LG bias using Android 7. Also, when you make the connection and get the word, occasionally when some bias will give you a sequence of double figures. Thus, you’ll need to find a way to convert this sequence to standard figures to use.

Usage of WPSApp Pro

Some users are given below

Verify the protection of Wi-Fi

You’ve worried about the safety of your home Wi-Fi at least once, especially when you’re using the old Wi-Fi transmitter released a few years ago. To help you verify the protection of your Wi-Fi, this app is a great option.

Today, to steal Wi-Fi passwords, many bad guys also take advantage of WPS vulnerabilities. The process is stimulated by this program. If this program helps you to check for a Wi-Fi password, others may also do this. You need to change the settings at this point or purchase a new transmitter for better protection.

How to decide whether or not a Wi-Fi network is secure?

This app detects the Wi-Fi password with an 8-digit pin code. Depending on the system manufacturer, these pin codes are normally set codes. To find the correct password, the app will calculate and try each pin code.

The Wi-Fi marked with a red X is secure when the adjacent Wi-Fi networks are searched. They have the WPS feature disabled and cannot be used to steal passwords by bad guys.

In addition, the Wi-Fi with a question mark next to it is still allowed for WPS, but the pin code is not defined by the app. This app will test popular pin codes at this point to find the correct password. This Wi-Fi is safe if the application fails to decide the password. It is most likely to be compromised if Wi-Fi is labelled with a green tick.

The rate at which these Wi-Fi networks detect passwords is reasonably high. Asking is the only thing you can do your service provider or buy a new one if the Wi-Fi you are using is marked with this tick.

Review all of your device’s passwords

You want to share the Wi-Fi password that you are using with a friend, or you want to connect to another Wi-Fi device, but you have forgotten the Wi-Fi password accidentally. What are you supposed to do? This is also prevalent because it is always hard to recall Wi-Fi passwords. If your device is already rooted, your saved passwords can be quickly checked with this Wi-Fi Hack.

Users can press the three dots in the top right corner to check the password and pick Saved Networks. Besides, you can refer to another application, which is the WPS WPA Wi-Fi Tester, that supports this.

See the parameters of Wi-Fi around the

This APK allows users to access the specific Wi-Fi parameters within the Android device’s connectivity range. This will tell you the Wi-Fi modem maker, MAC address, channel, security level, and signal power.


May I use WPSApp Pro without any Emulator for my PC?

From the android emulator, you can conveniently use this since the app size is 2.7MB and has 50,000+ in the play store.

For the WPSApp Pro, do I need to Google Play Services?

Both android apps depend on services from Google Play and you should log in to the platform. If it has not already been mounted on your phone and emulator, get it to use this application.

Is WPSApp Mod safe and legal?

As it offers legal material, the WPSApp Mod app is secure and legal for all.

Final Words (Completion)

WPSApp Mod APK is an app that allows users to verify the protection of the Wi-Fi they are using. In addition, you can check the Wi-Fi parameters, the strength of the signal and display saved Wi-Fi passwords. The software is simple to use and portable.

If you like WPSApp Mod APK, I hope to enjoy my website, so please help and comment on the bookmark and share a new game and app with your friends and relatives every day that you remember visiting this website.

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