MilkChoco Mod APK v1.28.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems) 2022

MilkChoco Mod APK

Download MilkChoco Mod APK free offline hack of the new version, with cheats and unlock all heroes. This Online FPS is an online shooting game where you can select from and play various roles on battlefields such as Attack, Deathmatch, Escort, and many others as you explore the game with several heroes with different abilities.

These heroes can be individually and differently trained, each of which has its own personal ranking, weapons, and abilities. It’s a 5 x 5 multiplayer shooting game that is easy to manage and run, with low latency online FPS and a great console controller. It comes with limited file size, around 80.2 MB, without additional downloads.

It also has an In-game guide, which can be evaluated by clicking on the top left corner of the book button. You can use your Google account to save your game progress, and even when you change your mobile phone, you can still log in with the same account and continue the game with your existing records.

MilkChoco Mod APK v1.25.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems) 2022
NameMilkChoco Mod APK
Size80.2 MB
CategoryAction / Casual
Current versionv1.28.2
Updated2 days ago


Some features are given below.

The Story of Cheat MilkChoco Mod APK Unlimited Money And Gems

MilkChoco has a story that’s fun. Milk and Choco were arguing for a cup of coffee on a normal day. In their cup, Milk wanted to add more milk than Chocola, and vice versa with Choco. The war to prove who made the decision broke out. There were no bloody, spectacular shooting scenes. Plump characters, instead, move humorously.

Although the game has simple graphics and fun gameplay, it is not easy to win at MilkChoco. Each fight in the game requires the player to have a high level of concentration. Otherwise, the opponent will shoot him. This is always a key feature of an online FPS game that attracts players.

Apk MilkChoco Gameplay

Download MilkChoco is an online FPS action multi-player game on mobile platforms. MilkChoco, unlike other games in the same genre, has simple graphics and fun gameplay. The game gives players great relaxing moments without fighting or spectacular fire effects.

Besides, a highlight of the game is also the cute and simple shaped characters. Obviously, like PUBG or Fortnite, the gameplay is inspired by the Battle Royale game. Players are dropped into a map (arena) where the fight is going to take place.

In order to be the last survivor, gamers have to try their best. You will need to move around the map to search for weapons and equipment to begin the battle. In MilkChoco, there are only four things you need to consider: guns, helmets, medical boxes, and grenades.

Also, there is no inventory in the game. The items you’ve picked up are replaced automatically. In the match, you can bring up to 3 weapons. After 2 minutes, there will be a narrow play area. You can also try The Archers 2 Mod Apk

The Collection of Heroes at MilkChoco

Heroes are made of shapes that are simple. If the Milk faction is white and if the Choco faction is chocolate colored. Besides, for their heroes, players can pay diamonds to buy helmets, costumes, and accessories. Don’t forget to equip the best weapons for heroes.

In the Equip chapter, gamers can also buy them. In addition, possession of a hero with good stats also allows the player to gain an advantage over the enemy. There are 20 heroes in the game, each of which will have a distinct special ability. It can be a bombing skill, heal wounds, or invisibility.

Challenging Stages

You are easily tricked in this game with the pictures of cute heroes and basic MilkChoco graphics. You would assume that playing and winning is a simple game. But there’s quite a different truth. Online FPS games often have intense action that, if you are a little distracted during the fight, you can be defeated instantly. With MilkChoco, there is no exception.

To avoid being ambushed by enemies, gamers should always keep their attention on their surroundings. Hiding behind obstacles and moving slowly will help you control the area better. Often, to take advantage of matches, you should know how to use guns wisely. You will overcome all the obstacles in the game by mixing control abilities with a bit of luck.

The Criteria for Configuration

MilkChoco is a great choice if you are looking for a lightweight FPS game. High-quality FPS games usually have a high capacity of fewer than 1 GB. MilkChoco does, however, only have a capacity of just over 60 Mb. Even with low-end devices and low memory capacity, it can run smoothly easily.

MilkChoco is, therefore ideal for players who want to experience an FPS game but do not want to spend too much money on the computer. Despite the low ability, the graphics of the game are still good enough to enjoy it. Besides, the great appeal of MilkChoco is the attractive and high-speed gameplay.

Distinctive Gameplay

For openers, MilkChoco – Online FPS explores the fight between the main potables, as the title suggests. Despite the game’s simplistic premise, it has some of the most clever and inventive rudiments seen in the free-to-play order choco game download.

One illustration is the donation, which includes high-description plates. Realistic sound goods are also included in the game. It’s also worth noting that the game boasts a smooth 60 frames-per-alternate frame rate. There are also intricately constructed stages and exquisitely carved characters.

Structure of Online Gameplay

Garçon stability is one of the most significant features that players look for in an online game. A sloppy or unstable garçon will ultimately beget you to be dissociated from a match. Fortunately, MilkChoco – Online FPS has a strong online element that makes dispositions a thing of history. Longer playtimes and further engaging gameplay are the issues of incorporating this element into the game’s core.

Battle Royale Mode with 100 Players

Escort, assaults, and deathmatch are just many of the game modes available in an online multiplayer game. All three modes are wide in online multiplayer games, therefore they’re a must-have point. MilkChoco, on the other hand, has the Battle Royale mode, which is one of the most popular in moment’s videotape games.

Indeed, this game supports up to 100 players on a single battleground, which is unusual for a free-to-play online multiplayer game. Follow the download instructions on your screen to try out this fantastic game right now. Form a platoon, challenge your musketeers, and take control of the grand war between milk and chocolate.

Character’s Personality

You may not only fight with people from all over the world in MilkChoco, but you can also make your own unique character utilizing the in-game store. Each party gets to choose one of the characters, each with its own set of bents and capacities. Munitions and outfits can be bought to prop fighters in combat and ameliorate your idol’s individual position to the loftiest degree possible.

Gameplay Is Possible Indeed On Low-End Bias

One of the most important MilkChoco advantages is optimization. The game is only 80 Mb in size, which is a bit of the size of similar online FPS shooters. Take, for illustration, the inversely popular action shooter Blockbusters, which has a train size of 260 Mb. This enables numerous players each over the world to conserve some space in their smartphone memory and play a fun game on indeed the most introductory phone.

Sound And Graphics

You can hear cheery light music as you enter MilkChoco, which leads to one of several waiters, a store, idol tabs, outfit, and honor. Still, as is frequently the case with shooters, the battle process itself is devoid of music, leaving just the sounds of steps, shots, and hopeless riots of dying opponents.

The graphical element is the simplest, which is accessible given the short installation train size. This, still, doesn’t make the game any less pleasurable. The simplicity of style, on the other hand, adds cartoonishness and a desire to stand out in the game. As pictorial colors are prominent in the costume of youthful and professional fighters, nearly all places are made of milk chocolate tones.

Unlimited Gold, Plutocrat

MilkChoco, like other action games, features a wide range of outfits and munitions, ranging from a simple dynamo and a shaky rifle to important blasters. Characters are precious to buy, taking diamonds and gold coins. Each of these currencies can be attained simply by viewing commercials.

Purchasing a character, outfit, and high-quality munitions, on the other hand, isn’t a problem with Milk Choco’s unlimited plutocrat option. Our interpretation allows you to buy everything you couldn’t ahead because you didn’t have enough plutocrat, making the game indeed more instigative.

THE Utmost Lovable STORY

Numerous people associate online PvP shooters with a fierce conflict between two brigades terrorizing the opposition. One of these games is MilkChoco. Its plot immerses you in a fascinating fight between chocolate and milk people who just can not attend in the same region. It can only be resolved in one script when one of the brigades wins. Join the party of your choice and conquer new lands.

No Advertisements

You need to manage your advertisements in the free interpretation. One of the most annoying effects of apps is advertisements. If you’re a gamer you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Advertisements make you lose your focus on the game and you feel weary. In the modified interpretation, koko coins apk the advertisements aren’t affecting you.

Players can use the services of this substantiated application. However, you need to download and install this mod, If you don’t want to buy the decoration features of this game.

MilkChoco Mod APK whatsgrip

Key Features of MilkChoco Battle Royale Mod APK

  • 3 different modes of the game
  • 6 characters groups
  • Struggle against other players
  • Wide scope of arms and ammunition
  • No Commercials
  • Capital Unlimited
  • Coins Unlimited
  • Fixed Mod Error
  • Event for Pumpkin
  • Event for Attendance
  • Added Exclusive Deal Item
  • Added First Purchase Case
  • 9 new disguises (8 limited, 1 clan)
  • 3 new weapons added
  • Fixed Battle Royal HP bar bug
  • Fixed Aim Point bug
  • Costume bug repaired

Hack & Cheats for Milk Choco Battle Royale Mod APK

The hack version below allows you to unlock loads of heroes with different abilities, and it should also assist you with unlimited gems. Through this, your hero will be able to update quicker. While you will enjoy the game at first, at some point, I still think it will make the game boring.

I’ll leave a link below to download the cheats and the updated version for you. If you also need upgrades, you can also be supported by the MilkChoco cheats download connection below, which has been heavily updated.

Notice that it is recommended that you download the game from the Google Play Store page. We always recommend that you install your game below from the Play Store. You can also check LifeAfter Mod Apk

Top MilkChoco Tips for Playing

It’s quick to be tempted to get the game and just do whatever you can when you are a new player. But with this game, that isn’t the case. MilkChoco APK 720 isn’t your usual FPS game for Battle Royale. It has characters that are adorable, but the gameplay is just as challenging. Having said that, in order to win, here are the tips you need!

Get the suggested heroes- Hear us out before you purchase and waste all your diamonds mindlessly on some cool-looking heroes. However fair the hero scheme here is, there are certain heroes who have stood out from others. Here are the suggested heroes to get to milk choco hack download.

Ghost- Although Ghost is low-healthy, at close and long-range, he is fast and great. Paired with a scoped rifle UG-10, you’re practically a god milk choco hack apk.

Air- Air also has low HP power, as with Ghost, but with RS-11 and Boreal, it is deadly. Keep in mind that his position is that of a sniper and a supporter.

MyoCat- One of MilkChoco’s most famous heroes is a battlefield beast. You’ll annihilate a lot of players, combined with the Foson and the GG5.

Download & Install Cheat Milk Choco Mod APK

If you want to upgrade the weapons and skills of your heroes, then the mod version below can assist you with that. When you download the updated version below, earn unlimited money and play the game now with everything unlocked. Via the MilkChoco-Online FPS MOD APK+ OBB data file links below, download the game now with unrestricted all and updates. Please note that, without prior notice, we reserve the right to delete the links whenever we want.

Please install the following steps:

  • You must first uninstall the original version of MilkChoco if you have it installed.
  • Then, on our site, download MilkChoco Mod APK.
  • You must find the APK file after completing the download and install it.
  • To install applications outside of the Play Store, you must enable ‘Unknown sources.’
  • You can then open the MilkChoco Mod APK and enjoy it .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is MilkChoco a Safe Mod?

MilkChoco Mod is 100 percent secure because our Anti-Malware platform checked the framework and no viruses were found.

What Permissions I required to play MilkChoco Mod APK?

Allows the app to view Wi-Fi networking info, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled and the name of the Wi-Fi-connected devices.


If you want to experience a multiplayer FPS game, but feel that there is too complex gameplay for blockbuster games of this genre, MilkChoco can be an option for you. The game has relaxing gameplay and graphics that are good enough.

Even though you’ve never played an FPS game before, you can get used to the playing style of the game easily. MilkChoco can be downloaded by readers through the link below. You can also download KineMaster Mod Apk

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