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Granny mod APK is the most thrilling game full of danger where you have to survive. At the start, you will be in the granny house.
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Granny mod APK is the most thrilling game full of danger where you have to survive. At the start, you will be in the granny’s house. You will find the horrible scenes, and you have to hide and close the doors so she could not find you. However, you have to be careful, don’t make noise and don’t do anything so scary granny could not notice you in her house.

Otherwise, you will be beaten badly by her. You have five days to survive in her full of threatening and scary house. Not only that, you will get unlimited weapons and clues in this mod to escape yourself free from the evil house.

NameGranny MOD APK
Size98.8 MB
Current versionv1.7.9
Updated2 days ago

What Is Granny MOD APK?

The mod is like the deadliest game ever where you will find yourself in the granny house. There, you have to stay to live with granny. You will be given 5 days to get everything done. You have to keep yourself as silent as possible.

To hide, you can choose a closet, under the bed, behind a curtain. If you could not do that, Granny will find you, and you will die.

The granny mod apk mod menu lets you get compelling features to survive and get a hack that will help you keep yourself hidden. Moreover, you can use the invisibility feature to find clues easily by walking around the house without fear.

While granny mod apk download is the most played game, it is available for both platforms, such as iOS and Android. Since then, it has been downloaded by 100+ million times. It is all because of its unique gameplay, so you can get unpredictable experiences.

The more silence you will make while clients are searching, the safer it will be for you.


The story of the granny mod apk hack starts from the darkroom. You will find yourself waking up on the bed. And, you feel like you have a severe headache on your head. You might think someone hits you.

There, you find a flashlight on the side table. Then you will find out that you are somewhere that you don’t know. Apart from that, you will find some scary things around you.

Then the trilling part will come when you have to deal with traps. The granny wants to capture you so you will not escape from her house. It will be tricky to stay away from the traps. You will also hear scary sounds even while stepping on creaky floors.


Let’s know the most exciting features that will increase the quality of time!

Game Levels Based on Difficulty

The granny mod apk download outwit has 5 levels at the beginning. It includes practice, easy, normal, hard, and extreme. So if you are new to this game,, you should start with the practice mode to know what you actually have to do to keep yourself from surviving from scary granny. When you learned all things about granny mod apk play as granny, then you should level up.

Furthermore, the extreme level is the toughest to play. You can’t play this level if you haven’t practiced in previous levels. However, if you have passed the normal and hard level, then thumbs up. You should be confident enough in passing this level too.

Lives for Escaping

Since the granny mod apk with outfit provides you 5 days to get out of the house, in this duration, you will be given five lives. When the game is over, you will have to begin from the starting. Whenever you fail, the granny will find you.

After hunting, the granny mod apk we are granny will start from the same bed to the next day so you can start escaping again.

More than that, you can get more days to be alive if you make granny happy. The granny mod apk endgames will be fun to play if you do something funny for the granny.

Weapons and Tools

The granny mod apk all weapons unlocked so you can get help to stop granny. But you have to be aware that these weapons will not stop the granny permanently. The weapons will save you for a while. The granny will figure you out from the house. So you have to find the clues without wasting your time.

Besides that, you will find some advanced tools that really help you escape from the house, such as car keys, shotgun, ammo, and other things. You have to carefully carry the weapons, such as if you have found ammo, you should also try to get a shotgun.

Escaping is Tough Being Eaten Is Easy

It is true that escaping from a fully threatened house is not easy. But it is not impossible. You have to try as much as you can. You have to face the deadliest challenges by making proper strategies so you can get out of the house in the secure way possible.

More than that, the developers keep updating the new maps in granny rewards mod apk unlimited GP. So you won’t get bored and improve your skills by adding more hard challenges that attract players.

Runaway or die

The granny, the next chapter mod apk allows you only two choices to choose run or die. There are exciting features and the hardest challenges. The only brave ones are able to cross the challenges. You have to be very aware of the noise.

Any little noise can cause you to wake up, granny. You will not stay alive if Granny finds you in granny chapter two hack mod apk. The granny mod apk unlimited life will sometimes be gentle for you.

What To Do When Discovered?

Playing granny mod apk god mode means you can get caught anytime by granny. So when you will get caught, you will die. But you should run as soon as possible if you raise up the granny. But you have to run at the wind speed.

However, it sometimes can’t work than the psychotic old lady. You should find the cover as soon as possible to be blind.

Horror Graphics and Sound

Last but not least, the granny mod apk offline allows you to get matchless hero graphics. It ensures a thrilling sound every step that disturbs you while finding the clues to escape from the house. This granny legend mod apk unlimited money lots of horror elements such as horrible sounds and scenes. The granny mod apk invisible is that horror if you play at night, you will not have the courage to go to your bathroom.

Indeed, the granny mod apk item spawner does a great job to provide users much more immense entertainment with great fun of fear, suspense, anxiety, and much more.

Playing strong granny mod apk unlimited gems will make you braver and accept all the challenges. Download granny horror games to face the scary challenges as well as an escape from the horror house.

How to Download Granny and Install?

The granny game download is such a horrible game with 3D graphics, hunting scenes, scary sounds that feel real. You can’t control them. You have to find evidence to escape from the house. So if you are interested in this granny game install steps, then follow us.

  1. First of all, you have to get a stable internet connection and click on the downloading link given below.
  2. Once you have downloaded the game, go to the system’s security and enable the unknown sources.
  3. After this, go to the location where you have downloaded the APK file.
  4. Now Install it by allowing the required permissions.
  5. Please wait for a few moments. When done, open it and enjoy.


The Conclusion

All in all, the Granny Mod APK is the most interesting yet horrible game. It provides you with such a big excitement as well as you will deadly feel fear at the same time. By playing, you should be careful and quiet as much as you can. If you make any noise, evil granny hears and comes to kill you. So you should find the safest place as much as possible if you do anything annoying here.

But in this mod, you will get unlimited gems to get weapons to keep yourself safe. Besides that, if you have questions, then you can comment below. We are always here to answer you. Thank you for visiting us!

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